WHY this promise is important

Our customers’ needs are continuous and stretch beyond a single one-time delivery.

At AVK we are dedicated to following our customers along the way. Some customers need to expand their current solutions, while others need to revise them to adapt to external environmental changes.

Either way, every single valve, hydrant, fitting or accessory we deliver might solve what is needed momentarily, but down the road, our customers will most likely have additional needs that need to be taken care of.

At AVK we want to build and invest in long-term partnerships. Because for us, our customers are much more valuable than any single transaction.

HOW we deliver this promise

AVK is not just a supplier of valves, hydrants, fittings or accessories. At AVK we want to consider ourselves as a longterm business partner with our customers. We offer long-term partnership with a leader.

In every market where we operate, we have established a local business, which allows us to be promptly informed about our customers’ needs, additional queries or requests. For us, long-term partnerships not only reflect the related transactions, they are also an opportunity to develop and change our solutions over time, and to innovate for the benefit of our customers.

At AVK we are able to monitor a project’s progress in the short, mid and long-term to keep track of important information and advantageous options that can ensure even better solutions.