In 1941, Aage Valdemar Kjær established AVK as a local machine shop which carried out a number of tasks in the local community. Subsequently, the main task of the business became the production of compressors for refrigeration and refrigerating plants, with customers from all over Denmark!

The guiding principles were quality, customer relations and continuity. He knew that the products were in order, and therefore he was able to offer an extensive product guarantee.

These were important values, which I brought along when I took over his machine shop in 1970.

Then the development and production of valves began.

We must deliver products that we know are in order, and quality, continuity and close customer relations must always be the guiding principles of our business. These values have made AVK grow from a local firm with 5 employees to a group with almost 3,000 employees and representation in more than 80 countries.

However, this is not all. We want to build an even stronger brand, and as a consequence we want to become the preferred choice of our customers.

This is the best way for us to follow so that AVK ensures its continuity in the years ahead.

Our new brand concept will help us reach an even higher level. We must expect more from ourselves and deliver products and services that live up to our customers’ expectations. This is why I expect that every single one of our 3,000 employees will do their utmost to live up to these goals.

Thus, it is the continuation of the basic AVK principles and the development from 5 employees to 3,000 employees with representation in more than 80 countries which is now subjected to an enhanced effort, focusing even further on our values.

The guiding principles and the connections back in time must form the basis of our principles in the time ahead. To choose AVK is the right choice.

Niels Aage Kjær
Owner and CEO