Today AVK S.A is one of the leading valves Supplier for the water, sewage industries and mining as well as fire protection on the African continent. With the acquisition of Wouter Witzel EuroValve BV – one of the worlds leading butterfly valve producers – AVK S.A has extended its segments; now also including Industries: pulp, paper, oil and gas exploration. Our product programme comprises a large range of valves, hydrants, pipe fittings, and accessories, each complying with the highest standards of safety and durability. AVK is the only producer offering gate valves to most of the common national and international standards such as ISO, CEN, DIN, NF, BS, AWWA, JWWA, SABS, AS, and GOST. Our global position ensures that we are able to provide you, your partners, and your customers with the quality products you require. We are part of the worldwide infrastructure and our greatest asset is a product within the supply system, which supplies us with clean water, effective handling of wastewater and fire protection systems.

Five Cornerstones

  • Quality that guarantees the customers a solution that works, lasts and lives up to or exceeds standards and requirements in the local market to avoid unforeseen additional costs.
  • To give local customers the opportunity to choose an innovative supplier who ensures that they can easily adapt to future market demands.
  • Being the one reliable supplier the customers can measure performance and make changes to constantly improve their business.
  • Pursuing a sustainable growth strategy that can lead to sustainable business, new business opportunities and significant cost savings for local customers.
  • The Suppliers that handles the customers professionally and offer solutions to their enquiries and requests.

We can only obtain the success in the above if we focus on reliable distribution partners with integrity, reputation and infrastructure that will remain loyal (BMG Group).

Our Working Environment

Environmental sustainability in relation to our employees shall concentrate on initiatives within working environment and safety. We steadily reduce our target figures for accidents at work and focus on preventive actions. This has resulted in a steady drop in the frequency of accidents. AVK work hard on reducing the number of harmful chemicals used in our production facilities. This has also had the effect that the wastewater contains less chemicals. We are aware of the importance of reducing the electricity consumption and we are also aware of the fact that clean water is a scarce resource. Therefore, the AVK group has also set very strict objectives for its production companies within electricity and water consumption.

Consequently, all companies put high efforts in reducing the consumption, wherever they can, and even get a direct saving as a side benefit. Partners/suppliers considering the intensified globalization resulting in increasing business relations between countries and cultures, it is vital to achieve sustainability throughout the supply chain. We want to guarantee our customers that we work with responsible partners who adhere to the same standards as we do. We want partners with high ethical standards – partners who recognize environmental protection as a vital objective. It is our hope that the AVK group through its commitment within the environmental field will be recognized by the society as an environmentally sustainable company.

“Our mission is to become the customer’s preferred valve and fitting provider.”